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Department of Child Health Center


I. Department Introduction

The Children's Health Center is a primary health care department that promotes the physical and mental health of children and gives full play to children's life potential. It is a pediatric medical base that integrates medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, and health care. It is a key specialty of child mental health in Hubei Province. Provincial Key Child Growth and Development Specialty, Hubei Provincial Early Childhood Development Demonstration Base; Shiyan City Early Childhood Comprehensive Development Specialty, Shiyan City Child Nutrition Key Specialty, Shiyan City Youth Psychological Counseling and Health Base, Shiyan City Cerebral Palsy Children Rehabilitation Hospital 1000 平方米,拥有专业技术人员 40 人,高中初级比例适宜,用于儿童保健的设备设施齐全先进,如拥有先进的儿童生长发育、儿童营养、儿童早期综合发展、儿童眼保健及儿童心理诊疗软硬件设备、仪器多台套,如骨密度、人体成分、母乳成分分析、伟伦视力筛查仪、广域数字化眼底筛查仪、脑电生物反馈诊疗仪、儿童多媒体感官室、自动听性脑干诱发电位仪、水疗仪、脑循环脑电仿生电刺激仪、 HX-C-4 小儿专用型脑病康复治疗仪、 ZDZ-5 型经络导平治疗仪、各种筛查诊断性智力测试软件、工具,各种发育行为评估量表等。 The department covers an area of more than 1,000 square meters and has 40 professional and technical personnel . The proportion of junior high school is appropriate. The equipment and facilities for child health care are advanced and advanced, such as advanced child growth and development, child nutrition, comprehensive early childhood development, and child eye care. And children's psychological diagnosis and treatment software and hardware equipment, multiple sets of equipment, such as bone density, body composition, breast milk composition analysis, Weilun vision screening instrument, wide-area digital fundus screening instrument, EEG biofeedback diagnosis and treatment instrument, children's multimedia sensory room , Automatic auditory brainstem evoked potentiometer, hydrotherapy instrument, cerebral circulation electroencephalogram bionic electrical stimulation instrument, HX-C-4 pediatric encephalopathy rehabilitation therapy instrument, ZDZ-5 meridian guide level treatment instrument, various screening diagnosis Sexual intelligence testing software, tools, various developmental behavior assessment scales, etc. 20 万人次,业务收入超过千万,是鄂西北有一定影响力的儿童保健科室。 The department has comprehensive business development, strong technical force, and distinctive technology. The annual outpatient volume is close to 200,000 , and the business income exceeds 10 million. It is a child health department with a certain influence in northwest Hubei.

一切为了孩子健康 的服务宗旨,形成了独具特色的儿童保健服务体系,为全市儿童提供全方位、多层次的优质服务,促进每一个儿童身体与心理健康成长。 Based on the service tenet of " All for the health of children " , the center has formed a unique child health service system to provide children in the city with comprehensive and multi-level high-quality services to promote the physical and mental health of each child.

Second, the department conducts business

、儿童生长发育监测:从婴儿出生开始建立健康档案,定期进行健康检查和生长发育监测,动态观察生长发育水平,及时发现和干预生长发育偏离儿童,包括矮小症、性早熟和肥胖症儿童的诊治技术。 1. Monitoring of children's growth and development: Establish a health file from the birth of the baby, regularly conduct health checks and growth monitoring, dynamically observe the level of growth and development, and timely detect and interfere with growth and development deviations from children, including children with dwarfism, precocious puberty, and obesity Diagnosis and treatment technology.

、儿童营养及喂养指导:定期进行儿童营养和喂养评估,提供咨询指导,对常见的营养性疾病如营养性缺铁性贫血、维生素 D 缺乏性佝偻病、锌缺乏症等进行早期干预。 2. Child nutrition and feeding guidance: Regularly conduct child nutrition and feeding assessments, provide counselling guidance, and provide early intervention for common nutritional diseases such as nutritional iron deficiency anemia, vitamin D deficiency rickets, and zinc deficiency.

、高危儿保健管理:开展高危儿(早产、低体重、缺氧、窒息等)筛查,及时发现高危儿,进行定期监测和早期干预,并建立转诊机制。 3. Health management of high-risk children: screening of high-risk children (premature delivery, low weight, hypoxia, suffocation, etc.), timely detection of high-risk children, regular monitoring and early intervention, and establishment of referral mechanisms. Early intervention and training include exercise therapy, transcranial magnetism, cerebral circulation, meridian guidance, pediatric massage, pediatric massage, pediatric chiropractic therapy, and nutritional brain cell drug therapy;

4. Children's psychological and behavioral business guidance: To evaluate the development of children's psychological and behavioral development and social abilities, and to conduct psychological and behavioral development counseling and guidance and early development promotion activities. Such as children's attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, tic disorder, learning difficulties, autism, children's sleep disorders, children's speech and language development disorders, etc .; use child temperament health care to guide young children into care separation anxiety, child biting, grumpy, child timid And other behavioral issues; adolescent health care, adolescent psychological counseling, and adolescent psychological counseling.

5. Child eye care: All eye care services from birth to adolescence. Including screening of neonatal eye diseases (congenital cataract, optoblastoma, retinopathy of prematurity, choroidal defect, albinism, etc.) using wide-area digital fundus photography technology, screening of vision for children of different months, optometry, amblyopia, false Treatment of children with sexual myopia and astigmatism.

6. Family Parenting and Family Planning Advisory Guidance: Pay attention to and play the important role of family parenting in early childhood development, provide parenting skills assessment and family parenting environment assessment for parents and families, as well as family planning guidance and family parenting consulting services.

7. Parenting skills training: Demonstration of parenting skills through parent classroom, parenting salon activities, etc. to improve and enhance parenting skills.

8. Carry out special parent-child activities: According to the characteristics of children's physical and mental development, carry out different forms of parent-child activities, and achieve the purpose of promoting early development of children through communication, play, interaction and reading.

-6- 磷酸脱氢酶缺乏症、地中海贫血和先天性肾上腺皮质增生症等先天性疾病的诊断与治疗、档案的建立、定期随访,为这些有先天性疾病儿童提供早期、全面、具体的支持和指导工作。 9 , diagnosis and treatment of five diseases and follow-up: diagnosis and treatment of congenital diseases such as congenital hypothyroidism, phenylketonuria, glucose -6- phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, thalassemia and congenital adrenal hyperplasia, The establishment of files and regular follow-up provide early, comprehensive and specific support and guidance for these children with congenital diseases.

6 万人次,被湖北省授予 规范接种门诊 称号。 10. Birth medical certificate application and vaccination business: responsible for the birth medical certificate processing, city-wide birth medical certificate replacement and replacement of the city; undertake the city's children's planned immunization and vaccination work, is the largest immunization clinic in Shiyan City, The inoculation volume reached 60,000 person-times, and was awarded the title of " standard vaccination clinic " by Hubei Province .

、阳光宝贝会员俱乐部:一个具有全新现代健康医疗理念、以保教结合为服务特色的儿童保健服务中心,旨在为婴幼儿提供方便、快捷、高质量、综合性的儿童保健服务,满足家长对儿童保健的高层次、多样化的需求。 11. Sunshine Baby Member Club: A child health service center with a brand-new modern health medical concept and a combination of services and education. It aims to provide infants and toddlers with convenient, fast, high-quality, comprehensive child health services to meet parents' needs. High-level and diverse needs for child care. According to the growth and development rules of children at different months of age, the club formulates different packages for children's health care, mainly including two types of annual and half-year packages. After becoming a member, you can enjoy the best service, the fastest time, the Favorable prices, the most intimate guidance and unique childcare salon activities.